Virus, Ransomware, Malware & Spyware Removal

P.C. 911 can remove every computer virus currently in existence, and future viruses sure to come. We can also eliminate all Malware & Spyware on your system(s). Ransomware can also be removed and in many cases, decryption of your data is possible (without paying the extortionists). Whether it’s your hard drive, Server, entire network or even a crucial document that’s infected, P.C. 911 will eradicate the infection and preserve your data wherever possible.

Network Installation & Troubleshooting (LAN, WAN, WI-FI)

P.C. 911 will setup or fix your current network. Whether it be Hardwired, Wireless, or whatever, we will get it working at top speed and also make sure your network is as secure as possible.

Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting

P.C. 911 can replace and install any type
of computer hardware, including
modems, printers, hard drives, memory, tape backups, UPS’s, and anything else you decide to attach to your computer or network.

Software Installation, Upgrading & Troubleshooting

P.C. 911 will make sure all of your software is up-to-date with the most current service packs, updates, and bug fixes. Whether it’s your main operating system, database software, stock market analysis program, or even that nifty new screen saver, P.C. 911 has an extensive database of updates for just about every program imaginable, and the consultants to apply them properly.